Why was Nifty Pandaz created

I would have to go a little personal here so as to let you understand fully. Started my NFT journey over 6 months ago after spending over 4-5 years as a crypto trader and investor. Honed my skills and wanted to help people out by giving entries and calls (which i think i am really good at …lol).

The Challenge:

I Found it very difficult to get people into my discord or to follow me on Twitter. I kept giving quality calls for a while and then it hit me.

The Solution:

Why don’t I set up a platform that helps callers who are genuinely great at what they do? Not just callers that are seen as callers because they have heavy following on their socials (pumping their own bags) or because they hold OG NFTs (no shade intended…lol).
That brought about Nifty Pandaz; A community of lawless Pandaz who are looking to break away from the private closed DAO meta, Paid Alpha shillers, Automatic Alpha callers because they hold OG NFT’s and so on. Breaking away from all of this to create a Unique system, where the community is in-charge and chooses who is an Alpha caller, and who is not!